Takashi Tachibana criticizes Hiroyuki , Will compensation be collected?

Takashi Tachibana, leader of the party that teaches how to not pay the NHK reception fee, criticizes Hiroyuki Nishimura who is known as Hiroyuki.

Content of the tweet
Hiroyuki Nishimura is a villain who has bilked 400 million yen. It is unforgivable for such a person to preach to others using public radio waves [television].
Since the Civil Enforcement Law was amended in April last year, will Hiroyuki Nishimura be able to seize property when he returns to Japan? I am considering with a lawyer.
0:52 AM · April 19, 2021 From Minato-ku, Tokyo

西村博之は最低な人間 4億円以上もの裁判での負け金を踏み倒している人物です。